Company Restoration Services

Company Restoration Services

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Then you have come at right place, Brayan & Spencer Associates can help you.

Restore Your Dissolved Company

Restore Your Dissolved Company

If your company got dissolved by Companies House, or is in the process of dissolution, do not worry! We can help you get the company back on track.

Company dissolution can be very painful as the bank account and assets gets frozen. We are here to help you step by step to get your company restored.

The process starts with us contacting Companies House in order to understand the reason for the dissolution of your company, and what information is needed to restore it.

You can restore the company in the following two ways through Companies House:

  • An Administration restoration
  • Order of court to restore the company to the register.

For Administrative Restoration of the company, the following procedure need to be submitted to Companies House:

  • RT1 Form
  • Waiver Letter for the Bona Vacantia (government legal department)
  • Annual return which are due
  • Any outstanding annual returns
  • Any late payment fees

All required documents along with appropriate fees should go to restoration section of Companies House.

For Court Order Restoration you have to apply for a court order along with the supporting evidence and documents. There is a fee of £300 for Treasury solution plus court and legal fee.

Once your company is restored, we will be able to recover your assets as well as any cash in company bank account.

This process of restoration takes around 8 to 10 weeks to restore company.

At Brayan and Spencer, we can help you restore your company and keeping it stress free for you.

Our experienced accountants have the expertise to deal with Companies House queries in the most professional way resulting in the restoration of the company in a timely manner.

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