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Property Tax Specialist London

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Are you looking for a property tax specialist in London to get your taxes paid without any hassle?

Have a quick look on some brief points provided by Brayan & Spencer Associates, accountants specializing in property taxes in London.

According to property tax specialist, a property tax is known as stamp duty land tax or SDLT. This is required to be paid by a natural or Artificial person who either performs any of these actions:-

  1. Buy a freehold property; freehold property has two basic possibilities
    • It shall be a land or arising from a land or part of a land
    • Its ownership shall not be fixed for a time.
  2. Buy a property through a shared ownership scheme; Shared ownership schemed are approved by government associations which provide benefits to the people buying properties in those schemes.
  3. Taking land or property in lieu of payment.

Collection of Property Tax:-

According to a property tax specialist, property tax is different for in which the property is owned

  1. In Scotland, it is known as land and building transaction tax.
  2. In Wales, it is known as a land transaction tax on transaction completed on or after 1st April 2018.

Rates of Property Tax:-

According to a property tax specialist, rates of property tax in UK or London depends on whether a natural person or Artificial person whomever it may be buying a residential property for the very first time or already have more than one property at the time of buying.

Rates of taxes comes out with a very particular point that your accountant specializing in property tax must make you aware that first time buyer always have a upper hand in tax savings then people holding property.

Especially for Artificial persons including company, there are no sliding rates, 15% rate of SDLT shall be paid by an Artificial person where the consideration for a property is more than 500000.

From 22 November 2017, relief is available for purchases by the first-time buyer, if the sole purpose is dwelling as their sole and main residence:-

Purchase Price in GBP

Upto 300000

30000 to 500000

500000 above

Property Tax Rates




Property Tax Specialist London

Property Tax Specialist London

Property Tax Advisor, Property Tax Accountant
Property Specialist Tax Accountant

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