Closing Down a Limited Company

Closing Down a Limited Company

Closing Down a Limited Company

There are many ways to close down a limited company, including:

  • Strike Off a company
  • Dissolution of a company
  • Voluntary Liquidation.
  • Making Ltd company Dormant

There are simple steps to close down a limited company in a proper way

  • Intimate companies house
  • Check any outstanding dues/Fees payable to companies house or HMRC. These can be in anyways
  • Outstanding VAT payments
  • Outstanding PAYE
  • Outstanding CT
  • Any interest occurred due to late payment any of above

For any outstanding work, first check the Companies House to check that Accounts are updated, Confirmation statements are updated. Any dues or outstanding work can be found by emailing companies house.

After filing all due accounts and confirmation statements along with payment of all liabilities to HMRC, strike off form (form DS01) can be send to Companies House with £10 cheque payable to Companies House.

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