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Bookkeepers in London, Bookkeeping Help for Small Business

Bookkeeping is the first part of accounting process. Bookkeeping is recording of financial transactions of company’s Sales, purchases, receipts and payments. It involves preparing source documents for all transactions, operations and other events of a business.

Keeping track of business records can be overwhelming activity. Basic bookkeeping will help business to stay on top of the business income& expenditure and in control of finances.

Bookkeeper, the person who carry out recording financial transitions, usually prepare & maintain daybooks and document each & every financial tractions weather cash or credit in to a book (excel) in the form of petty cash book, supplier’s ledger, customer ledger, general ledger etc. there after an accountant can create financial reports from the information recorded by the Bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping transforms the way business financials are captured, stored and keep track of receipts, bills, invoices & bank statements.

We, at Brayan and Spencer Associates, have certified and well experienced team of book-keepers who are working around the clock and on various accounting system / applications recording business transactions, supporting our various client’s requirements such as annual accounts, management accounts, analysing financial transaction, etc.

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