Accountants for Locums, Doctors and Pharmacist

Accountants for Locums, Doctors and Pharmacist - Accountants for Contractors

Accountants for Locums, Doctors and Pharmacist

London is the financial hub of the world. Due to some restrictions in employment law, there is large number of subcontractors.

The city of London is the largest recruiter of IT contractors, Locums working for NHS health, Doctors, Bankers, financial consultants and Construction industry workers, who enjoy the flexible working force, flexible working place, flexible hours and even, working from home.

The daily wage rates of this flexible work force contractors varies from £250 to £900.

Contractors, unlike employment under a PAYE scheme, will have to declare their income in HMRC by following the requirement of HMRC. This can only be carried out with the help of a professional!

BS Associates UK is one of the leading Accountancy practices in UK.

We providing excellent accounting services to CIS contractors; working for various segment of NHS and/With Local Councils through their own Limited company.

With offices in London, Hays, Wembley and Borehamwood, we can provide services to most of London and surrounding of M25.

Our business has grown in both size and strength through recommendation of our very satisfied clients.

Not being part of a franchise, we have made customer satisfaction our goal.

As most of the franchise or Big ticket firms are driven with the sales and profit, hence they are not suitable for CIS contractor working for various segments of NHS and Local Councils.

Our team of experienced and friendly accountants and bookkeepers use a customised approach to the each individual client making sure our services are tailored to their exact need.

We can get to know the clients’ needs in detail by offering an initial consultation, free of charge.

Our charges are fixed, without any hidden charges or any fine line!!!

Our monthly fixed fee is £100 plus VAT

So why not you try us by calling 0207 183 59 56 or 0788 944 3139, to talk to us directly, or via email One of our team members will be happy to help you.

For more information and advice in any circumstances, feel free to contact us.

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